Even if it is difficult to estimate the future, we must distinguish and understand the basic social, economic and technological susceptibility or mega bomb that will infect businesses in the next ten to twenty years, in order to predict and formulate to ensuing transformations that will need to take cover. The subject of this topic is how trends taking the HR task to another level over the next decade in order to deduce how its missions, postures and communities must evolve in consequences. The key areas of analysis include the structure of Human Resource (HR) Department, the role of HR function in Corporate change, Recruitment and Selection, Pay and Benefits, Training and Development, Employee Relations and emphasis on key HRM Strategies. Internal Labor Markets (ILMs) are used to make the comparative analysis. Statistical research shows a number of similarities and differences in the HRM Systems of Indian Public and Private Sector Organizations.
Against the established notion, the results of this research reveal that the gap between Indian Private and Public Sector HRM practices is not very significant.Moreover, in a few HR functional areas (for example, compensation and training and development), Indian Private Sector firms have adopted a more rational approach than their Public Sector counterparts.
Hence, we at TraiCon will be hosting the World HR Summit which will be held on the 19th & 20th of April 2018 in Goa, India. The World HR Summit 2018 is all about the Future of the Working Environments, the Future of Human Resources, Future Smart HR Management Systems and its impact on the Society. This two day Summit aims at transforming the way one thinks about the HR Profession and shifting your paradigms to perspectives that you have not yet considered. The Summit is all about going “beyond” the ongoing HR debates, becoming an impactful journey and must-attend highlight for a progressive HR curriculum. The World HR Summit 2018 will address the technological changes that are impacting HR and also considering technology in the context of the society and how a social impact can be generated.

Market Value

Human Capital Management Market (Core HR, Talent Management, Payroll and Tax, Workforce Planning and Analytics, Recruiting), Service (Implementation, Training, Consulting), Deployment, User, Industry Vertical, Region - Global Forecast to 2021", The HCM market is expected to reach USD 19.88 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 9.6% during the forecast period. HCM is growing gradually and is being adopted by users to standardize processes for both workforce and talent management. The continuous developments in this technology and its solutions have also encouraged users to adopt HCM solutions and services.

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Banking & Finance


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Information Technology

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Digital Media

Energy, Mining & Resources



Hospitality & Tourism

Medical & Healthcare

Transport Sector

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